Food waste composting, a benefit to the agriculture and environment

    Food waste composting, a benefit to the agriculture and environment

    European week for waste reduction

    19 November 2013

    Beginning of the 5th edition of the European week for waste reduction, the most important  information and awareness campaign on the relationship between citizens and the environment, focus on waste and food waste composted.

    This year's main topic is recycling and recovery of waste. The objective is clear: to sensitize institutions, consumers and other stakeholders about the strategies and policies of prevention put in place by the European Union
    Of course, great attention is given to measures concerning home composting and / or community.

    Composting, in fact, is very important indeed to allow the reuse of waste food; waste which, in the form of compost, are then used for the fertilization of agricultural soils and green.

    This creates a small chain management from farm production, from the producer to the consumer, which makes visible and concrete the relationship between urban and rural dimension every day.

    The EWWR is a project co-financed by the European Commission’s LIFE+ programme (2013-2017) and was originally launched in 2009 under the same programme. The fifth edition of the EWWR will take place from the 16th to the 24th November 2013 under the patronage of Mr Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment.

    The initiative, which takes place in twentyeight European countries this week, will take part with the participation of many public administrations, schools, kindergartens, associations, companies that organize events and demonstrations for a  strong communicative impact.

    Many of the actions foreseen:

    • Prevention and Reduction: suggestions on how to avoid or reduce waste and actions to make the consumer more informed.
    • Reuse and preparation for re-use: actions that remind the public that all the products have a second life, actions that promote the delay in the purchase of a new product by repairing or reusing the old one, and encouraging donation of products which are  no longer used.
    • Waste collection, selection  and recycling: these are actions that help people improve their behaviour in the collection at home by encouraging them to dispose of the waste in the appropriate containers, organizing visits to  sorting and recycling plants.
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