Rurbance Conference „Food and the City"

    Rurbance Conference „Food and the City"

    Rural-urban agriculture landscape and environment conference in Munich on 3 november 2014

    09 October 2014

    Agriculture, landscape and environment are core issues of renewed rural-urban cooperations and main tasks for sustainable development. They are also desires of society and cultural benchmarks. The RURBANCE conference "Food and the City" 03.11.2014 in Munich aims to comparing different European experiences in larger contexts of rural-urban relations with the objective of re-organizing these new forms of rural-urban cooperation towards new governance models for the sustainable integrated rural-urban develompent.

    The RURBANCE conference in Munich is organized by Leibniz Universität Hannover and Allgäu GmbH, in cooperation with EMM European Metropolitan Region Munich and with the Capital City of Munich, together with the Lead Partner of RURBANCE, the General Directorate for Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development of the Lombardy Region, with the support of all project’s partners. RURBANCE is funded by the Alpine Space Programme of the European Union. The conference is co-organized by the Architecture Museum of TU München, the venue is the Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium of Pinakothek der Moderne.

    Thematic contributions by Prof. Andres Lepik, Prof. Dr. (I) Elisabeth Merk (City Architect of Munich), Ing. Filippo Dadone (Lombardy Region), Hans Joachim Weirather (Chief Executive of Allgäu GmbH), by the partners of RURBANCE, and expert inputs by Dr. Alfons Bauschmid (Munich Urban Farms), about Urban Farms in Milan by Enrico Murtula (City of Milan) and Andrea Falappi (Milan Rural District), by Fausto Moretti and Marco Besozzi (Province of Milan, about Rural Clusters), by Klaus Fischer (Allgäu as Brand), and in the second part by Lombardy Region about Systems of Parks, by Susanne Hutter-von Knorring (about the Munich Green Belt), by Maria Quarta (Piedmont Region, about Agriculture and Environment), by Dr. Johannes Gnädinger (about the Landscape Convention of the Munich Metropolitan Region), and by Veneto Region (about Urban Planning and Agriculture).

    Free entrance, please register until 24.10.2014

    The conference will be simultaneously translated into English, Italian, and German.

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