Rurbance meets Eurocities

    Rurbance meets Eurocities

    The Rurbance project has been presented at the Eurocities Working Group “Metropolitan Areas”

    06 July 2013

    The Eurocities Economic Development Forum “Cities attractiveness policies” has been held in Turin from 10th to 12th April 2013 with a focus on the role of different actors in the development of the attractiveness strategy and on how they can cooperate.

    Depending on the attractiveness factors of the territory, it is necessary to choose strategies for increasing the territorial attractiveness. These factors can be: the quality and availability of local public services (water and energy); the quality and availability of health care services; employment opportunities, quality and opportunities in education, environmental quality, public transport, culture and leisure time activities. The strategy also vary depending on which specific groups the city wish to attract: businesses, tourists, employees.

    In Rurbance project the valorization of the rural-urban relationship is conceived as a potential attractiveness factor that affects several aspects of the quality of life in cities and metropolitan areas. This point of view has been presented to the Eurocities Working Group “Metropolitan Areas” as a key-issue to open a discussion among the partners of both networks towards a future collaboration. The debate has been sharp and stimulated the interest to deepen the matter by starting a common dialogue and vision-sharing among the cities and the regions involved.


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