Urban-rural cooperation: contributing to territorial cohesion and improved governance

    Urban-rural cooperation: contributing to territorial cohesion and improved governance

    Joint conference in Bruxelles on 7 october 2014

    30 September 2014

    The European Territorial Cooperation projects “URMA – Urban-Rural Partnerships in Metropolitan Areas” and “RURBANCE – Rural-Urban Governance” are promoting the conference “Urban-rural cooperation: contributing to territorial cohesion and improved governance?”.

    It will take place in the Royal Windsor Hotel Grand Place as OPEN DAYS side event in Brussels on 7th October 2014, 4:00 p.m., followed by a networking reception.

    Relations between urban and rural areas are characterised by functional, physical, environmental, social and cultural features. Administrative borders between municipalities, regions and national states thus often do not determine the adequate level for implementing specific policies. A territorial balanced development in urban-rural contexts calls for creating cooperative and integrated governance models
    towards the implementation of joint development strategies. Urban-rural partnerships can create mutual benefits for both, provided that urban and rural actors meet at eye level with each other.

    The conference will provide discussion on the following questions:
    • What is necessary to establish and stimulate more intensive urban-rural relationships?
    • In which sectors and thematic fields could urban and rural areas benefit from a closer cooperation?
    • How could urban-rural cooperation contribute to new forms of shared spatial responsibility and territorial cohesion?
    • Which actors should be involved and how should their modes of cooperation look like?
    • How to aggregate public and private stakeholders around a co-development model? 

    Please register for the event until 3rd October here.


    For more information please refer to the websites and contact persons.


    Matteo Pozzetti - Maria Grazia Pedrana
    URMA project

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