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    Turin, Ciriacese and Lanzo valleys

    Turin, Ciriacese and Lanzo valleys

    The Territorial system identified by Piedmont Region is the perimeter of the Areas of Territorial Integration (AIT) 9 – Turin Metropolitan Area and 10-Ciriè, as defined by the regional territorial plan (Ptr).

    The perimeter of the AIT 2 includes the Turin metropolitan area, the first belt Northwest of Turin, the plain crossed by the river Stura and Valli di Lanzo. Is a complex area consisting of peri-urban agricultural areas, extensive portions of the lowland agricultural areas, three Valley systems (Lanzo valleys), the course and the water catchment area of the Stura di Lanzo river and several protected areas including the Parco regionale della Mandria and other regional natural reserve.

    The Territorial system is characterized, for part of the plain, from the towns of medium and small size where there is a significant expansion of built-up areas (residential, commercial and productive) with widespread phenomena of sprawl, while mountain areas.

    The pilot area corresponds to the entire perimeter of the AIT 10 which includes Ciriacese and Valli di Lanzo and the project Area consists of the Municipalities belonging to the Union of municipalities of ciriacese and basso canavese (Ciriè, Mathi, Nole, San Carlo Canavese, Robassomero, San Francesco al Campo, San Maurizio Canavese). The Union has a total population of 51,560 inhabitants and covers an area of 96.76 sq km, almost completely plain. Being mostly in the Turin metropolitan area, has a strong and well-established industrial vocation, represented by a lot of manufacturing facilities, logistics and service industries, and an important infrastructural endowment (connections to highways with the Metropolitan ring road and the motorway network, Torino Caselle international airport, connecting with the metropolitan railway system at the national and international network).

    The proximity to the city of Torino and the  industrial and residential settlements of the plain, that separates the mountains area (Valli di Lanzo) and  Turin metropolitan area, rappresent a development  opportunity.

    The integration of pilot area with the Metropolitan system is still biased and based on dependency relations. The reasons that suggest a closer integration into the Metropolitan system, more respectful of identity and local autonomies are: 1° the ability to balance the reduced nature of urbanized area with the protection and enjoyment of the environmental heritage, 2° need to ensure the presidio housing and settlement of the mountain with the presence of services and diversified employment with the metropolis, 3° Prevention of hydrogeological risk (in the mountains) and hydraulic (on the plain), with assistance in mountainous parts of river basins, 4° integrated utilization of water resources and renewable energy sources, especially biomass and hydro.

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