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    Verona and the Prealpine Valleys

    Verona and the Prealpine Valleys

    The urban settlement of Verona is geographically located at the mouth of a valley system in the Venetian Prealps (Valpolicella, Valpantena): the hilly areas along with Lessini Mounts historically were a resource for the city in terms of agronomic production, from the Roman times to the Venetian Republic. Today they represent a background for the tourist activities and, after a productive decline in the XX Century, they play again an active role in the regional economy with their high quality agro-food productions positioned on the international markets.

    The Municipality of Verona comprises by itself very different areas: from the historic center with its cultural heritage visited by thousands of people every year, to the industrial districts now affected by the economic crisis but still vital, to the wide agricultural areas in the Venetian plains, to the hilly area with its high environmental value but a declining primary sector. After the recent changes in the economic context, Verona to foster again its production system is called to rethink its territorial system and the internal relationships between these different spatial components.

    In the pre-alpine valleys the Municipalities of Negrar and Grezzana have their identity disputed between the relationship with the larger urban area and a new development based on high quality food productions, particularly wine. The link with Verona persists, as confirmed by the commuters to the industrial districts, along with the seasonal tourist activities. Wine production on the other hand, and to a lesser degree olive oil, reached in the last decades a level of excellence recognized at international level (Valpolicella, Amarone), offering a specific development sector, able to withstand the economic crisis and to represent a territorial model by its own.

    The balance between the urban and rural dimensions, the achievement of a mutual and fruitful relationship between the urban conglomeration and the pre-alpine valleys, may offer the opportunity for a lasting and sustainable development of the entire territorial system, able to enhance the specific characters within a cohesive territorial structure.

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